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Tariffs of Bukovel

Season tickets (Ski passes) to Bukovel

The company Skipass is ready to offer favorable conditions for purchasing season tickets (Ski passes) to ski lifts, equipment rental, Bukovel Ski Resort discount and club cards for everyone, who chose the Carpathians as the place for his winter holidays.

Using an intuitive and simple interface of skipass.ua website

This system is very convenient, as it provides the opportunity to pre-purchase the necessary season ticket for Bukovel ski lifts, ski rental and equipment rental. The absence of expiry date allows you not to worry about time. And if the card is damaged or lost prior to final use, you will always be able to restore it through our system without losing money spent on its purchase.

Depending on the season, the prices for ski lift season tickets can vary. We offer only the best promotions and discounts at different times. We also have a system of club cards for regular customers. And it's worth noting that in the period of winter holidays and during the main winter season the reservation should be done in advance because it can happen so that there will be no places available at the time of arrival.

SkiPass.ua — the official dealer of Bukovel Ski Resort and a great service that allows purchasing season tickets to Bukovel!